Fall in Love with a Hotsy!

This Valentine’s Day fall in LOVE with a Hotsy! Hotsy professional pressure washers are built tough to give you the best solutions for your cleaning needs at a price that will fit your budget. With some of the most rugged and durable industrial pressure washers in the industry, Hotsy is the clear choice. Just one […]

50 years and still HOT!

Engineering Excellence and Innovation Since 1970 For over fifty years, Hotsy has established a leadership standard in industrial quality, performance, and dealer support. The early steam cleaners have been replaced with an impressive line of over 100 models of hot water and cold water pressure washers, radiant and indirect-fired portable heaters, and an extensive line of high-quality professional […]

#1 in North America!

Number One in North America for High Pressure Cleaning Equipment Hotsy, the number one name in industrial cleaning equipment and pressure washers in North America, is a brand of Kärcher, and has been meeting the cleaning needs of professionals in all walks of life since 1970. We are proud of the rugged durability and longevity […]

Piping can be complicated, but not for Hotsy!

Another clean install for Cass County Highway Department in their new facility. The second picture is a great example of the complicated and detailed work that goes into the piping of an install. Thank you for choosing Hotsy Minnesota for your cleaning equipment needs.  

Frozen Gutters are a costly problem!

It Puts a Strain on Your Roof Frozen gutters are heavy, and this can put a significant strain on your roof’s load-bearing capacity. Combined with the weight of snow, frozen gutters could potentially cause a roof to collapse, especially one that’s older or already weak. Your Roof Could Leak When gutters are frozen, melting snow on your roof […]

Give your cleaning system an upgrade

Any cleaning system can be improved.  Here’s how Metropolitan Waste upgraded their existing system.  They added 2 trolleys and downstream soap.  They are so happy with the improvements. Other upgrades you can make would be to add a hose reel, boom, remotes and bulk soap.  These all add to the efficiency of your cleaning and […]

Road Salts are damaging your vehicles and equipment!

Road Salts are damaging your vehicles and equipment! Hotsy Minnesota has a solution for you! Undercarriage Wash Systems and Salt Neutralizer Automatic Our drive over spray bar cleans and protects the undercarriage of your vehicle.      Manual  Attaches to your pressure washer with a large selection to fit your budget. Salt Neutralizer Formulated to remove […]

Blaine Brothers Cleans Up!

Thank you Blaine Brothers for choosing Hotsy Minnesota for your new location in Clear Water, MN. We installed 2 Hot Water Pressure Washers, 9 hose drops and 2 remotes. Looks great! Hotsy, what the Pros use!

All Cleaning needs are unique

Here is another great example of how Hotsy Minnesota creates unique wash systems for their customers.  Fury Motors recently installed a 1700 Cold Water Pressure Washer, including a prototype stand designed by Hotsy Minnesota.  They also installed an 8′ boom and bulk soap with stand.  Every cleaning job and work space is unique.  Let Hotsy […]