Special ends today!

Don’t be AFRAID of a little dirt! Hotsy Minnesota has some SPOOKTAKULAR cleaning options! But you’d better hurry these BOOTIFUL savings end today!

Anti-Freeze kits available

When you are winterizing, you can get your Anti-freeze kit from Hotsy Minnesota.  Remember to get 50/50 auto anti-freeze. Anti-Freeze Kit

Time to Winterize

If you plan on storing your pressure washer during the cold winter months, you will need to winterize it to protect the coil, pump, hoses and guns.  Otherwise, you could be left with costly repairs in the spring.  Here’s a video to help you learn how to winterize your pressure washer.

Thinking about buying a pressure washer? Here’s what you need to know…

If you’re thinking about buying a pressure washer, here’s a great video from our friends at Hotsy Equipment Nebraska that can help you get started. For more information call Hotsy Minnesota at (763)786-5525

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Happy National Boss’s Day!

Happy National Boss’s Day to our fearless leader Brad Lee!

Rental Equipment for Fall Clean Up

We have rental equipment for your Fall Clean up projects! Fall brings about many changes in our climate. Colder temperatures, higher rainfall, and the loss of most plant life dominate our landscape. This is now the time to get your structures cleaned. Whether a dirty house, clogged gutters, or unsightly concrete, now is the BEST […]

Mobile Clean

Power can come in many different forms! Check out this custom designed trailer. Everything you need in one location, take anywhere and get the job done where others cannot!

Boom Demonstration

Hotsy Minnesota has all the accessories you need to make your cleaning job easier.  Here’s a video of a Boom in action.