Time to Change your Pump Oil!

At Hotsy Minnesota we are committed to helping you take care of your machine, that’s why we will be sending out service reminders. Reduce burn out of your pump Increase longevity of your machine Save money by reducing unnecessary repairs NEVER USE REGULAR ENGINE OIL! You need a specially formulated non-detergent pump oil.  For just $9.95 you can get Hotsy pump […]

Mobile Clean

Factory & Custom Built Solutions Skids and Trailer-mounted pressure washer systems provide everything you need for mobile cleaning just about anywhere. Hotsy Minnesota provides you with expert advice and a full range of options to configure your skid or trailer-mounted cleaning system. Mobile cleaning packages typically include a hot or cold pressure washer of your […]

Stationary Pressure Washers

Why would you need a stationary Hotsy Hot or Cold Pressure Washer? A permanently installed stationary pressure cleaning system can be an even better value than a portable model in many applications. First, the cost is often the same or less than for a portable machine. If there’s natural gas available, a stationary pressure washer […]


What’s More important in a pressure washer: GPM or PSI? The answer depends on your pressure cleaning application. When you have heavy soils to wash, GPM (gallons per minute) can be most important. When you have stuck-on grime, PSI (pounds per square inch of pressure) can be most important. Despite what you see in advertisements […]

Choosing a Wash Bay System over a Pressure Washer

Is a Pressure Washer System Right For You? Rather than choosing the standard high pressure washer machines, you might be better off with a pressure washer system—or wash bay. If, for example, you operate a fleet of trucks or other heavy equipment that you clean often, you might want to consider installing a Hotsy Wash […]

Reduce Cleaning time with these helpful Accessories

Reduce Cleaning Time With These Helpful Pressure Washer Accessories Now it’s easier than ever to reduce your cleaning time simply by using the right pressure washer accessories. Using the proper add-ons with your equipment will not only improve working conditions for employees, but will help them to be more efficient as well. Here are a […]

SAFETY is a Team Effort-Make Sure Your Team Commits to Working SAFE!

Working CLEAN means not only working effectively and efficiently, but safely. Here are some ideas to keep in mind: Fuel Sources:                                                                      […]

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Parade Fun!

Hotsy Minnesota had fun at the 4th of July Parade in Forest Lake handing out treats and spraying the crowd. Thanks to Andrew, JB, Lynn and their families for representing! You guys are awesome!                  

Congratulations Garrett!

Congratulations to our salesman Garrett Jensen for his outstanding achievement in sales for the year 2018. Garrett was ranked 17th in North America. He contributes his success to giving great customer service, paying specific attention to the needs of the customer. Way to go Garrett! We are so proud of you!