1700 Series

Not cleaning grease?  Then a 1700 cold water Pressure Washer could work for you.  The 1700 Series is the most reliable stationary, electric-powered, cold water pressure washer in the Hotsy line. This model features a Hotsy belt-drive pump (complete with a 7-year warranty), insulated variable pressure wand, and an ETL safety certification. Midwest automotive group just […]

Lazydays RV gets water softener

Lazydays RV recently purchased and installed a water softener from Hotsy Minnesota.  When you have hard water it lessens the effectiveness of your soap causing you to use more soap to get the job done.  When using Hot Water, it can also cause a scale to build up, which makes your machine work harder and […]

Hotsy helps resorts stay CLEAN

Maintenance Crews Rely on Hotsy to Get the Job Done Hotsy, the number one brand of pressure washers in North America, understands the challenges commercial cleaning professionals face everyday. Ever under the watchful eye of the public, hotels, shopping malls and campuses need to present a clean and well-manicured image. Yet keeping these areas clean is […]

Hotsy Minnesota helps farmers stay clean

Farmers, Ranchers and Vintners Rely on Hotsy for their Pressure Washer Needs For cleaning farm equipment, there is one pressure washer tough enough to handle the job – Hotsy. Since 1970, Hotsy has manufactured pressure washers rugged enough to meet the intense demands of those in the agriculture industry. With the great outdoors as your […]

Save Time and Money, and Cut Back on Waste Water

Save Time and Money, and Cut Back on Waste Water There are many benefits to using power pressure washers as opposed to a traditional garden hose. Among the major benefits is the ability to cut down on waste water. With the ever-increasing price of water and the growing need to cut back on usage, now […]

Construction Equipment needs to be kept clean

Built Tough, It’s What the Pros Use. At this time of year, everywhere you look there is construction of some kind going on.  This means there is a lot of equipment in need of cleaning. Construction Equipment owners spend a ton of money on heavy equipment, and if you don’t care for it properly, you […]

Get new nozzles for your sandblasting kit

Sandblasting was originally used to sharpen and grind tools. Wood, metal, glass, concrete and brick are some of the substrates that are usable in this process. It will remove any dirt, paint or other substance in preparing the substrate for painting. Sandblasting also refreshes the look of concrete and brick.  Hotsy Minnesota has a sandblasting kit that […]

Waste Management Professionals Choose Hotsy!

Waste Management Professionals Choose Hotsy Pressure Washers To say that waste management is a dirty job is an understatement! Yes, even waste haulers and recyclers need to pressure wash trucks and compactors on occasion. Using a hot water pressure washer, along with specialized detergents, removes caked-on dirt, grime and grease quickly. Pressure washing garbage trucks […]

Time to Change your Pump Oil!

At Hotsy Minnesota we are committed to helping you take care of your machine, that’s why we will be sending out service reminders. Reduce burn out of your pump Increase longevity of your machine Save money by reducing unnecessary repairs NEVER USE REGULAR ENGINE OIL! You need a specially formulated non-detergent pump oil.  For just $9.95 you can get Hotsy pump […]


What’s More important in a pressure washer: GPM or PSI? The answer depends on your pressure cleaning application. When you have heavy soils to wash, GPM (gallons per minute) can be most important. When you have stuck-on grime, PSI (pounds per square inch of pressure) can be most important. Despite what you see in advertisements […]