Hot vs. Cold

Pressure washers come in two fundamental designs…either hot water pressure washer or a cold water pressure washer. Once you determine if you want to use hot water or cold water, then more choices come into play, regarding fuel types and mobility. But for now, let’s look at the difference between hot water and cold water […]

All wash bays are unique

Each company has a unique work space, so that means your wash bay should also be unique to your space.  Hotsy Wash Bay Systems are customized to fit your specific needs for truck washing, equipment cleaning, and other tasks. The best way to learn more about out wash bay system is to meet with your local […]

Use a pressure washer to clean leaves out of your gutters

If you haven’t done it yet, you need to clean the leaves out of your gutters. They will cause a big problem over the winter creating ice dams which can lead to costly damage to your roof. The problem is the leaves in your gutters are probably wet, making it difficult to remove. Using a […]

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Willow Express gets a new machine

JB has been so busy.  Here’s another great install at Willow Express in Melrose, MN.  This 900/1400 series machine has programmable smart control automation.  Safety is the key with a pressure relief valve and locking lid and side panels around the belt and pulleys to keep users safe.  These electric-powered washers are available in either  […]

Fall into clean with a new Hotsy

Zieglar Cat in Shakopee MN recently updated their old 5700 unit for a new one.  The 5700 produces a powerful punch and is ideal for wash bay installations.  With its 20 HP Baldor motor driving the incomparable Hotsy Triplex Pump with NEST Technology with U-Seals and a vertical banded belt, the 5700 delivers cleaning power […]

Add Time for Clean in Cold

Things often take longer during the cold-weather months. People move slower, it takes longer to dress for work in the cold, machines need more time to warm up – the list goes on and on. One particular aspect to keep in mind is detergent efficacy. As mentioned above, some detergents can be dramatically affected by […]

Removing Oil and Grease in Cold Weather

Getting rid of oil and grease is hard in warm weather, and during the colder months it can seem almost impossible. We all know heat is the key to getting rid of these organic grimes. That means that during cooler conditions, you may need more time to allow your pressure washer to warm up or […]

Get your Hotsy ready for cooler weather

As the thermometer dips lower, pressure washing machinery often seems to run slower. It might seem that it takes a little longer for your Hotsy to warm up or it may seem to be running sluggishly. Most often, this slow down isn’t from freezing temps, but instead the result of your lubricants. Before conditions get […]

New product coming soon!

Hotsy Minnesota is excited about a new product we will be offering.  An automated undercarraige wash system.  This system comes with many options including inground undercarriage sprayer, wheel blasters, 25gpm pumping station, and drive over salt neutralizer sprayer for corrosion control.  More information will be coming soon including videos.


Choosing the right accessories for your pressure washer can be difficult. Here, we break down four of the most common and show you how they’ll change the way you clean. Specialty Nozzles Change the width, strength, and angle of the spray so you’re effective no matter the application. Variable nozzles allow operators to easily change […]