Mosmatic Undercarriage Cleaner

Mosmatic Undercarriage Cleaner

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Easily Cleans Chassis Underbodies
Flush salt, mud, & debris from cars, vans, & farm equipment
Prolongs the life of your vehicles without using a car liftCounterbalanced & precisely equilibrated to prevent vibrations
Rotor arm has two 1/8″NPTF 15° nozzles with size 3 orifice
Cleans underneath vehicles with 7″ or more clearance

Relax-Action Trigger
Ergonomic design & let-off at top of trigger pull for comfort
Polished stainless steel components move easily, resist corrosion

Can Be Used With Hot Or Cold Water
Maximum pressure up to 4000 PSI; 3/8″ inlet

Stainless Steel Guard Plate
Protects the swivel & nozzle from falling dirt & fouling

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21", 30"


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