Anti-Freeze Kit

Anti-Freeze Kit

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Does not include anti-freeze.

Here you will find steps on how to winterize a pressure washer:

  1. Turn machine switch to STOP position.
  2. Turn off water supply. Detach and drain water supply hose.
  3. Detach and drain high pressure hose and pressure washer trigger gun.
  4. Have approximately 2 Gallons of a 50/50 auto antifreeze solution ready.
  5. Turn machine switch to MOTOR ON and pour antifreeze solution into float tank.
  6.  If not equipped with float tank you will need to hook up a short garden hose to suck the antifreeze out of the container.
  7. Allow antifreeze solution to emerge at machine outlet. Protection is now complete.
  8. Turn machine switch to STOP position.
  9. Drain any gas that may be in the tank. Gas can gum up over time and obstruct the lines. Use a fuel stabilizer to store your gas in a gas can.

All of this talk about winterizing may seem a bit extreme but freezing temperatures can be hard on your power washer. The steps outlined above are those recommended by most power washer manufacturers. If you do not take steps to ensure the safety of your equipment over the winter months, damage can occur, and your warranty will not cover it. Plan ahead. Winterizing pressure washer properly will make sure that your equipment is ready to go next time you need it.



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