Hotsy Pressure Washer Repair and Service

Pressure Washer Repair & Service Hotsy Dealers Provide Pressure Washer Maintenance & Parts Your Hotsy dealer has ways to help you enhance every aspect of your cleaning operation, so you can clean faster and more efficiently than ever. You need maximum productivity and minimum operating costs and every minute of production you can get. Keeping […]

Hotsy Minnesota at Central Minnesota Farm Show

Since opening its doors over four decades ago, the Farm Show has been a popular community event for Central Minnesota. Visitors can look for special product offers, entertainment, and educational opportunities from a variety of professional vendors. Explore our website to learn more about agri-business and farming in the region, register for prizes, and check […]

Hose Reels

Pressure washing hose reels are an add-on accessory that make working with a pressure washer infinitely easier and tidier, while protecting your high pressure hose from damage and abuse. A water hose reel is one thing, while a Hotsy pressure washer reel capable of withstanding as much as 5000 PSI and 325-degree water temperatures is […]

Why a trigger gun is so important

The Spray Gun is the single most important item that will be handled during the pressure washing process, and the selection is critical to the comfort and fatigue of the user. Not all trigger guns are created equally. Picking the least expensive gun may not be the best long-term solution. The more comfortable the gun […]

The History of Hotsy

The Hotsy Legacy – Nothing Cleans Like a Hotsy! Number One In North America for High Pressure Cleaning Equipment Hotsy’s history began in 1970 when a gentleman by the name of Bob Cohen became aware of a steam cleaner that was built by Slifer Manufacturing, and marketed by Kanco Tech. Early models were known for […]

The Damages of Salt

Are you aware of the hidden menace that is attacking the inside and outside of your buses and fleet vehicles? The “salt age” is dawning in North America, and road salts are creating an epidemic corrosion problem for America’s transit systems. The U.S. Federal Highway Administration released a two-year study on the direct costs of […]

The Harmful Effects of Road salts

In order to maintain open highways and increase highway safety, the northern tier of the United States has used salt (sodium chloride) for years to combat ice, snow and sleet. Over the last decade, many state highway departments have switched to the more effective calcium chloride (CaCl2) and magnesium chloride (MgCl2) deicers because they provide […]

More tips on choosing a nozzle

Determine the nozzle size by the pressure washer’s gallons per minute (GPM) and specific pounds per square inch (PSI).  If the nozzle size is too small, your equipment can be damaged.  If the nozzle size is too large, cleaning ability is compromised.  Nozzle fan degree does not effect nozzle size selection. Select the nozzle degree […]

Choosing a nozzle for your pressure washer

When selecting nozzle tips, use caution. Many of the discount brands do not allow the water to spray over the entire width of your impact. The better brands will have the same impact at the ends as they do close to the center. You work more efficiently. That’s smarter, not harder. Another aspect of quality […]