Baby It’s Cold Outside

Baby it’s cold outside, but it doesn’t have to be.  Hotsy’s patented air-cooled cone design makes the HeatMizer safer than competing radiant heaters for use at any event. The air-cooled cone is warm to the touch removing the need for a metal cage around Hotsy’s HeatMizer. The HeatMizer’s built-in protective floor shield keeps the heater from damaging […]

Why Hotsy Detergents are better than other brands

There are a number of reasons Hotsy detergents are better than other competing brands. Yes, Hotsy detergents are manufactured by the leading name in North America for high-pressure cleaning equipment, but that’s not why we feel our detergent products are better. We have a number of other reasons, including the following: Hotsy detergents are designed […]

Hotsy helps Hippo

This is a story from February of 2011, but it is such a great story it is worth sharing again. Let us introduce you to Donna, the world’s oldest living Hippo in captivity.  She typically spends her days wading in her indoor pool where the water temperature is kept at 80 degrees due to her […]

Protect Your Investment

Regular Maintenance inspections ensure your equipment is in optimal working condition, protecting your investment and increasing the longevity of your machine. Maintenance Advantages: Checking and testing with a pressure gauge ensures the system is running smoothly. Reviewing and checking off the maintenance checklist will allow the technician to: ensure repairs are performed prior to the […]

Why Schedule Maintenance Inspections?

Most pressure washers are operated daily and not serviced at all until they break down. Units are operated with marginal hoses, safety relief valves and flow pressure switches that often are not working properly; which could cause safety hazards. Machines slowly decrease in operating pressure and heating efficiency during normal use.  Scaled with lime, unloaders […]

Keeping your Fleet Clean with a Hotsy Wash Bay System

Hotsy Wash Bay System

Hotsy Wash Bay System – a customized washing solution for cleaning vehicles & heavy equipment. If your business has a fleet of vehicles, trucks or heavy equipment, consider a Hotsy wash bay system. A wash bay will allow you to easily clean your equipment and vehicles on site, by your own staff. Wash bay equipment […]

Why Maintain a Clean Fleet?

Why Maintain a Clean Fleet? Let’s face it: keeping your fleet clean and professional-looking is one of the greatest investments you can make in your business. Successful owners and fleet managers understand this and put processes in place to ensure the best chance of clean and well cared-for trucks, machinery and equipment. While it perhaps […]

Farmers rely on Hotsy for their pressure washer needs

For cleaning farm equipment, there is one pressure washer tough enough to handle the job – Hotsy. Since 1970, Hotsy has manufactured pressure washers rugged enough to meet the intense demands of those in the agriculture industry. With the great outdoors as your office, farmers know dirt, mud and muck are just part of the […]