Waste Management Professionals Choose Hotsy Pressure Washers

Waste Management Professionals Choose Hotsy Pressure Washers To say that waste management is a dirty job is an understatement! Yes, even waste haulers and recyclers need to pressure wash trucks and compactors on occasion. Using a hot water pressure washer, along with specialized detergents, removes caked-on dirt, grime and grease quickly. Pressure washing garbage trucks […]

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Cleaning Solutions for Farmers

Farmers, Ranchers and Vintners Rely on Hotsy for their Pressure Washer Needs For cleaning farm equipment, there is one pressure washer tough enough to handle the job – Hotsy. Since 1970, Hotsy has manufactured pressure washers rugged enough to meet the intense demands of those in the agriculture industry. With the great outdoors as your […]

5 Reasons to Start Using Hotsy Detergents

5 Reasons to Start Using Hotsy Detergents Most effective cleaning Unlike so-called “economy” products, Hotsy detergents are designed specifically for high-pressure, high-temperature cleaning. In fact, our detergents gain strength as temperatures increase. Inferior detergents begin to decompose under high temperature and pressure — which can form deposits that are not only bad for the equipment […]

Spring Sale going on now!

Save up to $1000 with Hotsy’s Spring sale.  Save BIG, clean BIG with Hotsy Minnesota!  

Custom made stands

Did you know at Hotsy Minnesota we make custom stands for bulk soap, machines and equipment? Here are a few examples.    

Wash Bay systems

Customized Washing Solutions for Cleaning Vehicles & Heavy Equipment. If your business has a fleet of vehicles, trucks or heavy equipment, consider a Hotsy wash bay system. A wash bay will allow you to easily complete truck washing and equipment cleaning on site, with your own staff. Hotsy Minnesota will design, install and service a […]

New CLEAN system for Api Lift

Nothing cleans like a new complete system from Hotsy. Api Lift got a 900 series stationary hot water pressure washer with hose reel and bulk soap. Looks like they’ll be CLEAN in 2021! Thanks for choosing Hotsy Minnesota for your cleaning equipment needs.

Hot vs. Cold

When choosing a pressure washer there are many choices, which can lead to many questions.  The place to start is deciding whether you need Hot or Cold water.   To learn more, watch this short video on Hot vs. Cold Water Pressure Washers.