Safety Gear

Safety Gear

    1. There are way too many images and videos online of people using pressure washers in sandals, wearing shorts, not wearing gloves, and especially not wearing safety goggles. The vast majority of pressure washer injuries could be prevented by simply wearing the proper safety gear.


      • Boots:
      • Be sure you always wear closed-toe shoes or boots when pressure washing. We recommend wearing steel-toe boots, as high pressure streams can potentially tear through rubber boots.


      • Gloves:
      • Hands are one the most common body parts injured with pressure washers. Therefore, gloves are one of the best forms of safety gear you can wear. They not only protect your hands, but improve your grip, helping to avoid other unnecessary injuries.


      • Long Pants:
      • Because you’re using highly pressurized water to blast dirt and debris off of surfaces, you want to make sure your legs are protected from flying debris that could break skin. In addition, if you’re cleaning sidewalks or pavement, you want to protect your legs from the downward jet of water that’s near them.


      • Safety Glasses:
      • Just as you need to protect your legs from flying debris, it’s very important that you protect your eyes from the same hazards. Wear safety glasses, or at least shatter proof sunglasses, to protect your eyes from dirt and other small debris that’s being propelled by the pressurized water.


    • Hearing Protection:
    • If you’re using a gas pressure washer, we recommend wearing hearing protection. The motor is not enclosed, so it generates a lot of sound. The loud decibels generated by the motor and pump can cause damage to your hearing if you’re not careful. Electric pressure washers are typically much more quiet, and shouldn’t require the use of hearing protection.