Electrostatic Cart Sprayer

Electrostatic Cart Sprayer

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A more effective and efficient way to disinfect surfaces!

Electrostatically charged spray droplets evenly spread disinfectant liquid over the entire surface, minimizing the need for post-application wiping.

Large wheels and battery-operated power make this sprayer portable and easy-to-use for all operators and applications.

Clean and sanitize surfaces more efficiently than ever!


  • Charged droplets between 60 and 120 micron
  • Battery-operated (12 volt) with automatic maintenance charger (included)
  • Will deliver 25 gallons on a single charge
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Holds a common 5-gallon pail (included)
  • 6′ spray hose
  • 14″ wheels

*Cart Sprayer and Vital Oxide in stock as of 2-23-2021

*Buy an Electrostatic Sprayer Cart and Vital Oxide together and SAVE!  Call for bundle pricing!  (763)786-5525


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