Duplex Series: Direct Drive

Duplex Series: Direct Drive

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The Hotsy Pump’s rugged design features many benefits:

  • Four frame sizes: one duplex, and three triplex sizes-small, medium, and large
  • Externally accessible check valves
  • Two inlet and discharge ports facilitate system installation
  • Anodized aluminum crankcase
  • Polished ceramic plungers reduce seal wear
  • Oversized crankshaft and connection rods
  • Heavy-duty roller bearings or heavy duty tapered roller bearings
  • Internally ported, self lubricating seals
  • Pumps available for pulley, direct or gear reducer drive
  • 7 year warranty on the oil end of the pump

2.2 GPM


2.3 HP

1725 RPM

Additional information

Model #

HHC165L.1, HHC165R.1, HHC168R.1


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