Telescoping Lance

A telescoping wand enables you to keep your feet flat on the ground while allowing you to reach 1, 2, or even 3 stories high. A high pressure hose is guided up the inside of the pole and connects at the tip. This lets you set the length from fully retracted to fully extended, and […]

The value of hot pressure washers

Cold water pressure washers are great for cleaning off dirt. If the surface to be cleaned has oil or grease then a cold water pressure washer won’t clean well. It’s like washing a greasy plate in the sink. No matter how much soap you use, you’re just smearing around the grease. Add hot water, and […]

Hotsy Power House Raminator

Two powerhouses in their own rights, Hotsy pressure washers and Hall Bros. Racing have teamed up to bring you the Hotsy Raminator Monster Truck! You can see the Hotsy Raminator at select Monster Jam and 4-Wheel Jamboree events scheduled throughout the year. Previously driven by Mark Hall, 4-time MTRA Driver of the Year, the Hotsy […]

Clean your equipment while protecting your investment

Clean Your Equipment While Protecting Your Investment Hotsy delivers one of the most rugged and durable line of industrial pressure washers on the market. Our industrial pressure washers and accessories are designed for daily use. We are proud to have the most knowledgeable network of authorized Hotsy dealers throughout North America who will help you […]

The Value of a Hotsy Dealer

Hotsy Dealers are Cleaning Experts. Hotsy dealers really know the ins and outs of pressure washers. Most Hotsy dealers have been servicing the pressure washer needs of their community for 20+ years. Hotsy has over 130 dealers in North America who are the best in the industry when it comes to cleaning knowledge. Hotsy dealers […]


Try a Turbo Nozzle Hotsy offers many accessories that help cut your cleaning time and make your pressure washer more effective! Check out how the Turbo Nozzle helps make your Hotsy work even better. Turbo Nozzles – Increases impact pressure by more than 10x’s that of conventional nozzles. Not all nozzles are the same –  […]

How to reduce downtime

You own a lot of capital equipment. And let’s face it: if it’s not running, you’re losing revenue and profits. There are several causes of DOWNTIME, and EQUIPMENT NOT FUNCTIONING is one of them.  Here we will show you how to reduce downtime. How can you help prevent equipment failure? Inspections: When operating a pressure washer, look for potential […]

Get to know us at Hotsy Minnesota

Tony Turek is the Production Supervisor at Hotsy Minnesota, and has been with the company for 29 years.  Tony is a certified Master Technician.  His job duties include: setting up machines, mixing soap, dispatching and scheduling workers, maintaining machine inventory, and answering technical questions.  Tony is hard working, knowledgeable and we are proud to have […]

Hotsy Pressure Washer Repair and Service

Pressure Washer Repair & Service Hotsy Dealers Provide Pressure Washer Maintenance & Parts Your Hotsy dealer has ways to help you enhance every aspect of your cleaning operation, so you can clean faster and more efficiently than ever. You need maximum productivity and minimum operating costs and every minute of production you can get. Keeping […]

Hotsy Minnesota at Central Minnesota Farm Show

Since opening its doors over four decades ago, the Farm Show has been a popular community event for Central Minnesota. Visitors can look for special product offers, entertainment, and educational opportunities from a variety of professional vendors. Explore our website to learn more about agri-business and farming in the region, register for prizes, and check […]