Get cleaning in February!

Did you know the word February comes from the Latin word” Februum”, which means “purification”-a fitting month to talk about detergents and cleaning! Hotsy Minnesota has the right detergent for you. Stock up today at Hotsy, what the Pros use!

Fall in love with a Hotsy!

Fall in love with Hotsy Minnesota! Fall in love with Hotsy! Arvig in Perham are loving their 2 new 900/1400 series stationary pressure washer with bulk soap program. They also installed a 4 trolley system on 2 cables so they can wash the front and back at the same time. Thanks for letting us handle […]

Vital Oxide keeps schools clean

Here’s another video on effectiveness of Vital Oxide. Protect yourselves during this season of sickness and prevent the spread of germs.

US Bank Stadium uses filtered water & pressure washers

Last Sunday was the super bowl and all eyes were on Minnesota and the U.S Bank Stadium. Known for its abundance of glass surfaces, did you know they use filtered water and pressure washers to keep the panes clean and clear? Learn more in this 2016 story from CBS Minnesota (@CBSMinnesota):  

Hose Reels make your job easier

Sick of fighting kinked, cluttered or just in-the-way hoses? A hose reel is the perfect — and simple — solution for both in the wash bay and on the job site. Learn more in this Hotsy video.

Cold weather? Hot water!

The temperatures might be colder this time of year, but your pressure washer doesn’t have to be. Shop Hotsy Minnesota’s selection of hot water pressure washers from Hotsy today at

New Hotsy for Curb Master’s Inc.

New year, New Hotsy! Curb Master’s Inc. recently installed this 1400 series pressure washer from Hotsy Minnesota.  Thanks for letting us handle your cleaning equipment needs!    

New Hotsy for Mounds View Public works

New year, new Hotsy!  Mounds View Public Works recently installed  this 900/1400 series Hotsy Pressure Washer and trolley system.  Thanks for letting us continue to handle your cleaning equipment needs.  Hotsy, what the Pros use!

New Hotsy for Rihm Kenworth

New year, new Hotsy! Rihm Kenworth Coon Rapids just installed this 900/1400 series hot water pressure washer. Thanks for letting us continue to handle your cleaning equipment needs! Hotsy, what the Pros use!

The Red Hot Cannon Heater

Baby it’s cold outside, but it doesn’t have to be cold where you’re working.  Here’s another heating option from Hotsy! The Red Hot Cannon Indirect Heater.  Hotsy, what the Pros use!