Hotsy Detergent – Use Less and Save More!

Hotsy Detergent – Use Less and Save More! Forget “miracle detergents” and “low-ball pricing” from all the other pressure washer companies. Trust the name you know—Hotsy pressure washer detergent cleans better than any other because it is specifically formulated for use with cold water and hot water pressure washers —it’s that simple. You need a powerful cleaning solution—and Hotsy can help. […]

Eliminate Downtime

Tar, dirt, grease, hard water, road grime, animal waste – all of it can lead to downtime if you don’t have the right resources to keep your equipment CLEAN. Eliminate downtime and get CLEAN with Hotsy Carlson.

Hard Water Problems

Why do you need a water softener? HARD WATER! Hard Water can leave a “Lime Scale” buildup that can cause serious blockage or damage to your pressure washer. Some of the effects of Hard Water are: Reduces equipment life Decreases effectiveness of detergents Limits cleaning efficiency Leaves behind water spots These add up to costly […]

New system for St. Croix Electric!

We are so excited about the new cleaning power for one of our customers.  They just changed out their old system for a new hot water stationary, a retractable hose reel and a manual undercarriage.  They are ready for some powerful cleaning!  Here are some great before & after pictures! Hotsy, what the Pros use! […]

Undercarriage Chemical Applicator

After you clean your vehicle, make sure it is protected or sanitized with our new Undercarriage Chemical Applicator. Portable & Easy to use Spray bar evenly coats the undercarriage. May include: 3-5 gpm Pump, Spray Bar, Wireless Remote, Hydrominder. Use Salt Neutralizer (corrosion protector) or Vital Oxide to sanitize (fights viruses & bacteria)

Cold Water Skid

Skids are a useful tool if you need to clean on the go. You can design them to fit your cleaning needs. Then you can store, load and go anywhere. Here’s a cold water skid Garrett designed. It includes an HD cold water pressure washer, 125 gallon water tank, and pivot hose reel. Contact the […]

Proper Upkeep is Key for Effective Cleaning

Proper upkeep is key for effective cleaning. It’s well understood that the longer a pressure washer goes without being tuned up, the LESS EFFECTIVELY it will clean.   As pressure and heat production decrease, the time to clean increases, costing you more in labor, water and detergent. But investing in maintenance ensures you’re always working effectively […]