Winterizing your pressure washer

Cold weather is upon us.  Are your machines up to the task?  See how easy winterizing your can be in this video.

Avoiding Illness with Vital Oxide

Avoiding Illness with Vital Oxide As we close out the year, we celebrate the holidays, look back at the year and prepare for all there is to new in 2019. However, lurking in the shadows this season is the constant threat of illness. December marks the start of the typical peak months for cold and […]

Cold and Flu Season is on the way!

Cold and Flu Season is about to Peak!  Turn to Vital Oxide to Sanitize and Disinfect! The value of lost labor from illnesses is estimated to cost businesses $16.3 billion nationwide in 2018. Vital Oxide can reduce the spread of workplace illness. Vital Oxide is safe and effective, and works year-round in a wide variety […]

Holiday Hours

Hotsy Minnesota will be closed on Monday, December 24th and Tuesday, December 25th for the Christmas Holiday.  We resume regular business hours on Wednesday, December 26th.  We are open today if you need to stock up!

Hotsy fits anywhere!

Thinking about getting a Hotsy wash bay system, but don’t think you have the space?  Think again.  The great part of working with Hotsy Minnesota is that you get an expert to come to your facility and create a system that fits your space and your cleaning needs.  They will work with you.  Check out […]

Why Use Hotsy Detergent?

Why Use Hotsy Detergent? We’ll give you 6 Reasons… Clearly, for all types of pressure washers the preferred choice is Hotsy detergents. Why? Because Hotsy soap is formulated by experienced detergent chemists who have a thorough understanding of pressure washer systems, as well as cleaning applications. But here are the important reasons to choose Hotsy detergents: Provide […]


Hotsy Degreasers are popular for removing cake-on grease and grime from a variety of surfaces, including restaurants, floors, automotive shops, and more. Degreasers are highly concentrated and designed to work with a pressure washer. Hotsy degreasing detergents consist of: Ripper I A highly concentrated, non-caustic cleaner for heavy equipment and trucks. This fast-acting cleaner is […]

New Products

At Hotsy Minnesota we are always striving to bring the best products to our customers, to help them work easier, faster, more efficiently.  We have several new products coming to do just that.  Here’s another sneak peek.  Any guesses what this might be?