Best Sellers

500 Series

The 500 Series delivers rugged, yet affordable, cleaning power for a broad range of applications from agriculture to building maintenance. The sporty 555SS, with its stainless steel coil skin, is our most popular entry level hot water model-compact, evenly balanced, easy to maneuver, and engineered with the operator in mind. ETL certified to UL-1776, with […]

Sand Blast Kit

A sand blast kit is a great accessory to have for your pressure washer.  Great for removing rust, scale, and paint. A Venturi orifice creates a uniform blast pattern, doubles sand velocity and produces up to 45% more work with 20% less sand. 5500 PSI Max Working Pressure 1- GPM Max Flow 200 degrees Fahrenheit […]

Surface Cleaner Demonstration

Check out this video JB made using a surface cleaner.  You can see how quickly and easily you can clean your whole floor.

Pressure Gauges

No matter what type of cleaning you do, your pressure gauge is one of the most important features on your pressure washer.  It will tell you if your equipment is operating correctly – and can alert you to problems before they become catastrophic.   Many things can impact the pressure and, therefore, the performance. So if […]


Brushes are a great way to add more cleaning power to your pressure washer.  Hotsy Minnesota offers a variety of brushes and handles to help you get the job done.  We have hand held fender brushes, acid resistant brushes, bi-level brushes, and 2 different handle options.  Check out all the new choices at

Common Accessories for your pressure washer

The right accessories for your washer will decrease the time it takes to clean, lengthen the life of your washer, and reduce the amount of detergent and water you use. Here are the 4 most common accessories:     Specialty Nozzles: Change the width, strength, and angle of the spray to clean efficiently.   Variable […]

Trolley demonstration

Hose Trolleys are essential equipment when you are using a pressure washer in a large space and have long hoses. Hoses do not get tangled, they follow you as you work, and they stay off the floor. Check out this video of Andrew using a pressure washer with a trolley system.

Hotsy Transport Vehicle Wash

Hotsy offers a complete line of biodegradable pressure washer detergents at cost-effective prices.  Each is specially formulated for use with hot pressure washers and cold pressure washers. Hosty’s most economical detergent for vehicles is the Transport Vehicle Wash.  If it has wheels, Transport is the detergent of choice.  Autos, buses, motor homes, mobile homes, tractor […]

Custom skids and trailers

Did you know that Hotsy Minnesota can provide an entirely mobile custom cleaning solution? Whether your pressure washer is truck mounted, trailer mounted or in the back of a van, they’ve got you covered.  Here is a great example of a custom made trailer unit that Tony put together.

Get rid of salt and chemicals in time for Spring

Now that spring is here, make sure all your equipment and vehicles are free of the salt and chemicals used on the roads this winter.  Leaving these chemicals on your equipment can cause long term damage and corrosion. We are all quite aware that road salt causes vehicles to rust even if we aren’t keenly […]