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Get CLEAN before Winter!

Increase foot traffic at your business by pressure washing your sidewalks and entrances. Before you know it the snow will be here, Now’s the time to clean off the dirt and grime and get it looking great for the Winter. Hotsy, what the Pros use!

Single wire vs. Double wire hoses

At Hotsy Minnesota, we believe that the best hose for your operation is the one that gets the job done!  Here we will introduce you to 2 hoses that are widely used in pressure washing.  The single wire hose, and the double wire hose.  Choosing the hose that is right for you will depend on […]

Hose reels

Hotsy hose reels were designed for ease of use and durability in commercial pressue washer applications.  Rugged heavy duty construction for commercial applications, swivel design, rotary mount, oversized, “flip-over” hose guide:allows ease of use from either side of the reel, fully assembled. Park Adams Transportation recently installed this new 900 series machine with a pivot […]

Hose Booms

At Hotsy Minnesota, we strive to make your cleaning jobs easy and efficient.  That’s why we also sell useful accessories.  Another great accessory for your pressure washer is a hose boom. A hose boom reduces hose wear by keeping the hose off the ground, prevents kinks in the hose, reduces trips and falls, allows the […]

Aqua Rocket demo

Check out this video from our friends at Hotsy Carlson.  This is a great demo of our Aqua Rocket Turbo Nozzle.

One size wand does not fit all

A “one size wand” does not fit all.  It’s important to think of the task at hand when selecting this accessory.  Don’t have employees ascend ladders or crawl under machinery-keep their feet planted on the ground. Push-pull wand: Super Flexible-Clean around corners-wash under machinery Telescoping: Lightweight- 18′-24′ Fiberglass-safety belt helps with control & fatigue Dual Lance: Apply & […]

Clean equipment is working equipment!

During the warm-weather months, mud can linger on your machinery, possibly leading to premature wear on mechanical issues-not to mention it just looks ugly and reflects poorly on your business image.  Fortunately, turbo nozzles can slice through this grime like a hot knife through butter.  Ask about turbo nozzles from your Hotsy MN sales rep […]

Model 333

Cold water won’t clean grease. Get into hot water! Hotsy’s Model 333 is what you need: up to 200° high pressure hot water, 110V to use just about anywhere, auto start/stop feature protects pump, small compact size for easy storage, industry’s best warranty, affordable!   Go to for more information. Hotsy, what the Pros […]

Paving Contractors gets a new machine!

Another job well done for JB. Paving Contractors just got a new 1400 series with hose reel and bulk soap. Looks great! Thanks for letting us handle your cleaning equipment needs. Hotsy, what the Pros use!

New Machine for La Qui Parle Co Highway Department

La Qui Parle Co Highway Department recently installed this great 900 series hot water pressure washer with hose reel and bulk soap. Thanks for letting us handle your cleaning equipment needs! If your looking for a new system for your business, contact Hotsy Minnesota today! Hotsy, what the Pros use!