August sales are ending soon!

Hurry before it’s too late, you don’t want to miss out on this great deal.  No money down and no payments for one year on a new Hotsy!  Get rid of that tired old pressure washer and get some cleaning power with a new Hotsy!  Hotsy, what the pros use!  This special ends August 31!

Cleaning Moss off a Sidewalk

This sidewalk at a cabin on Mille Lacs is continually in the shade and therefore tends to have moss, creating a slippery surface.   The owners had tried scraping and spraying with a hose, but could not get rid of the problem.  They finally decided to try a pressure washer.  They were amazed with the […]

500 Series

The 500 Series delivers rugged, yet affordable, cleaning power for a broad range of applications from agriculture to building maintenance. The sporty 555SS, with its stainless steel coil skin, is our most popular entry level hot water model-compact, evenly balanced, easy to maneuver, and engineered with the operator in mind. ETL certified to UL-1776, with […]

Hotsy Sale!

So many choices, one great sale!  No money down and no payments for one year!  Hurry this sale ends August 31st.                       Hotsy, what the Pros use!

Farmers need Vital Oxide

Clean animals are safe animals! If you’re a farmer, you know it’s simple to track bacteria and viruses from one pen to another by rolling over contaminated soil. Regularly pressure washing pens with animal-safe detergents will prevent the spread of disease! VitalOxide is the cleaner you need! On sale this month only for 10 percent […]

Hotsy Minnesota has Rental Equipment!

Looking for some extra cleaning power in the short term? We rent the best in both hot and cold professional grade pressure washers for both industrial and commercial use. We also rent the accessories to go with the pressure washer. Rent by the half day, full day, weekly or longer rates can be negotiated. If […]

Vital Oxide on Sale!

For the month of August Vital Oxide is: Shop now and save! ONE PRODUCT, SO MANY SOLUTIONS! VitalOxide is an EPA registered sanitizer, disinfectant, cleaner, mold killer and super effective odor eliminator.     Great for use in: DAIRIES • POULTRIES • VETERINARY • BARBER SHOPS/HAIR SALONS • BUSES, TRAINS & PLANES • LABORATORIES • […]

Get to know us at Hotsy Minnesota!

Lynn Burket has been Office Administrator for Hotsy Minnesota for the past four and a half years.  Her job duties include billing, receiving, and customer service.  Soon she will be adding inventory and parts management to her duties. She really does it all!  In her free time Lynn enjoys biking with her husband and any […]

Hotsy High Pressure Washers save on water usage

Discover how Hotsy high pressure washers save on water usage There are many benefits to using power pressure washers as opposed to a traditional garden hose. Among the major benefits is the ability to cut down on waste water. With the ever-increasing price of water and the growing need to cut back on usage, now it’s more […]