Use your Pressure Washer to get rid of Zebra Mussels

Unique application; Removing Zebra Mussels from Boats The zebra mussel are an invasive species appearing more and more in lakes, and have become a problem because they infest and clog water intake pipes, screens at power & water treatment plants, or the municipalities that draw in water from different areas. Even irrigation pipes can get […]

Common Accessories for your pressure washer

The right accessories for your washer will decrease the time it takes to clean, lengthen the life of your washer, and reduce the amount of detergent and water you use. Here are the 4 most common accessories:     Specialty Nozzles: Change the width, strength, and angle of the spray to clean efficiently.   Variable […]

Cut your cleaning time in half-Rotary Turbo Nozzles

Rotating nozzles use centrifugal force to produce a strong impact and a spray pattern. Due to the reliability and effectiveness rotary turbo nozzles have been widely accepted. The nozzle rotates a powerful, zero degree spray pattern in a circular motion to break down tough dirt and grime. By spinning the discharge water, the spray adds […]

Trolley demonstration

Hose Trolleys are essential equipment when you are using a pressure washer in a large space and have long hoses. Hoses do not get tangled, they follow you as you work, and they stay off the floor. Check out this video of Andrew using a pressure washer with a trolley system.

Get to know us at Hotsy Minnesota!

James Nelson, our In Shop Service Technician, has been with Hotsy Minnesota for 1 year.  James has an Associate of Science Degree from Hennepin Tech in Marine, Motorcycle and Power Sports Mechanics. He has gone through Hotsy’s beginner training program as well. His job duties include repairs and refurbish machines, repair estimates, tech calls and […]

Trouble Shooting

Not everyone takes the time to troubleshoot a problem properly. But being able to troubleshoot problems with your wash system – either before they happen or while they are still minor – can simplify your life by saving you time and money. Here are a few of the most common pressure washer problems and how […]

Hotsy Manure Treatment Product Passes Test with Flying Colors

HOTSY MANURE TREATMENT PRODUCT PASSES TEST WITH FLYING COLORS Independent tests were conducted by Minnesota Valley Testing Laboratories, Inc. on manure treated with Hotsy MTP at the Cedar Hill Dairy in Kansas. A “before” sample was tested in November 2016 and an “after” sample was tested in April 2017. The reduction of anaerobic microbial action […]

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Happy Memorial Day!

Thank you to JB, Don (Hotsy Alumni) and all our family and friends who serve in the military.  We are grateful for your service!

Cleaning Agriculture Equipment is Easy with Hotsy Pressure Washers

Farmers, Ranchers and Vintners Rely on Hotsy for their Pressure Washer Needs For cleaning farm equipment, there is one pressure washer tough enough to handle the job – Hotsy. Since 1970, Hotsy has manufactured pressure washers rugged enough to meet the intense demands of those in the agriculture industry. With the great outdoors as your […]

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Hotsy Transport Vehicle Wash

Hotsy offers a complete line of biodegradable pressure washer detergents at cost-effective prices.  Each is specially formulated for use with hot pressure washers and cold pressure washers. Hosty’s most economical detergent for vehicles is the Transport Vehicle Wash.  If it has wheels, Transport is the detergent of choice.  Autos, buses, motor homes, mobile homes, tractor […]