Vehicle Undercarriage Chassis Wash System

Here’s the complete video of our new Vehicle Undercarriage Vehicle Wash System

New Website

Any business knows that its presence on the web is important to be successful in today’s market. We use it to communicate and educate our customers and future customers. That’s why at Hotsy Minnesota we have been working really hard on a new website and happy to announce it is up and running. Check it […]

Aqua Rocket Lasts longer!

At Hotsy Minnesota we offer a wide variety of products to help you clean faster and more efficiently saving you time and money. We sell the highest quality nozzles that don’t wear out as fast as our competitors. This video shows our Hydra Flex Aqua Rocket in action verses the average Turbo Nozzle. See for […]

New year, new machine!

We are excited for our customer Max Steininger Inc of Eagan, MN.  They just replaced their old 555 machine which they had used for many years and replaced it with a new 1400 series, a wash bay and a trolley system.  They will be so happy with the cleaning power of their new machine, as […]

Winterizing your pressure washer

Cold weather is upon us.  Are your machines up to the task?  See how easy winterizing your can be in this video.

Avoiding Illness with Vital Oxide

Avoiding Illness with Vital Oxide As we close out the year, we celebrate the holidays, look back at the year and prepare for all there is to new in 2019. However, lurking in the shadows this season is the constant threat of illness. December marks the start of the typical peak months for cold and […]

Cold and Flu Season is on the way!

Cold and Flu Season is about to Peak!  Turn to Vital Oxide to Sanitize and Disinfect! The value of lost labor from illnesses is estimated to cost businesses $16.3 billion nationwide in 2018. Vital Oxide can reduce the spread of workplace illness. Vital Oxide is safe and effective, and works year-round in a wide variety […]

Stock up!

Hotsy Minnesota will be close on January 1st for New Years Day.  Stock up on end of the year supplies today!  A common item that all pressure washers need are nozzles.  Quick coupled nozzles are color coded to easily determine nozzle degree or spray angle, Hardened Stainless Nozzle, fits most 1/4″ quick couplers.  Rated for […]

Savings ends soon!

Hotsy is the leader for industrial hot water pressure washing equipment across North America. In fact, that’s how we got our name – Hotsy’s are hot! Determining whether to use a hot or cold pressure washer can be confusing if you’re new to the industry. But there’s no job too dirty for Hotsy. We can […]