Hose Booms

At Hotsy Minnesota, we strive to make your cleaning jobs easy and efficient.  That’s why we also sell useful accessories.  Another great accessory for your pressure washer is a hose boom. A hose boom reduces hose wear by keeping the hose off the ground, prevents kinks in the hose, reduces trips and falls, allows the […]

Aqua Rocket demo

Check out this video from our friends at Hotsy Carlson.  This is a great demo of our Aqua Rocket Turbo Nozzle.

A clean work environment improves productivity

As the owner or manager of an industrial facility, you already know the importance of maximizing worker productivity and minimizing downtime for maintenance or repairs, but did you know both of these can be tied directly to the cleanliness of your workplace? Worker productivity can be influenced by a number of things—pay, benefits, and bosses, […]

Happy Anniversary!

Congratulations to Marie Engquist-Wargo, who is celebrating 3 years at Hotsy Minnesota.  Thanks for all your hard work!

Don’t ignore the signs of a breakdown

Pressure washers are like cars – they need regular maintenance to run smoothly, efficiently, and with the power you expect. It’s important to watch for issues that may cause trouble down the road and stay on top of a regular maintenance schedule to keep your pressure washer in top notch condition. Knowing the signs and […]

One size wand does not fit all

A “one size wand” does not fit all.  It’s important to think of the task at hand when selecting this accessory.  Don’t have employees ascend ladders or crawl under machinery-keep their feet planted on the ground. Push-pull wand: Super Flexible-Clean around corners-wash under machinery Telescoping: Lightweight- 18′-24′ Fiberglass-safety belt helps with control & fatigue Dual Lance: Apply & […]

Clean equipment is working equipment!

During the warm-weather months, mud can linger on your machinery, possibly leading to premature wear on mechanical issues-not to mention it just looks ugly and reflects poorly on your business image.  Fortunately, turbo nozzles can slice through this grime like a hot knife through butter.  Ask about turbo nozzles from your Hotsy MN sales rep […]

Scheduled Maintenance

Summertime is when many pressure washers get the most use. The nicer weather makes it easy to get outside and wash sidewalks, homes, decks and other surfaces, but all this use means it’s important to mind your maintenance schedule. Routine service is needed at set use-hour intervals, so be mindful of your usage and make […]

Pressure Switches and how the help you

Hot water pressure washers are designed to do two things: heat water and pressurize it. But hot, pressurized water can present a danger. How do you keep your employees – and your equipment – safe? Read on:   The pressure switch is a standard safety feature on most industrial hot water pressure washers. It works […]

Why a trigger gun is so important

The Spray Gun is the single most important item that will be handled during the pressure washing process, and the selection is critical to the comfort and fatigue of the user. Not all trigger guns are created equally. Picking the least expensive gun may not be the best long-term solution. The more comfortable the gun […]