Hotsy Degreasers are popular for removing cake-on grease and grime from a variety of surfaces, including restaurants, floors, automotive shops, and more. Degreasers are highly concentrated and designed to work with a pressure washer. Hotsy degreasing detergents consist of: Ripper I A highly concentrated, non-caustic cleaner for heavy equipment and trucks. This fast-acting cleaner is […]

New Products

At Hotsy Minnesota we are always striving to bring the best products to our customers, to help them work easier, faster, more efficiently.  We have several new products coming to do just that.  Here’s another sneak peek.  Any guesses what this might be?

Wheel Blaster

We are excited about some new products that will be coming soon to Hotsy Minnesota.  Here’s a sneak peek at one of them!  The new wheel blaster.  Our new system for cleaning the undercarriage of your equipment and vehicles comes with many options.  One is the wheel blaster.  It is great for getting grease, dirt, […]

New Trolley system for St. Michael

St. Michael Public Works just got a new Hotsy and a trolley system. A trolley is a great way to save your hoses.  It keeps your hoses off the ground preventing them from being dragged on the ground or run over.  This prevents them from abrasions, cracking, and dirt making them last longer.  A trolley […]

6 months same as cash ends at the end of the month!

Don’t forget there is only one month left to get a NEW Hotsy with the 6 months same as cash special.

Stay warm this Winter

Hotsy is pleased to offer a line of portable heaters ideal for warming areas where workers are cleaning or working in construction sites, including industrial radiant heaters and forced air kerosene heaters. You’ll increase productivity by warming construction sites, or keep guests more comfortable at an outdoor event. Available in two styles: Radiant Heaters and […]

See the power of clean!

A video is worth a thousand words.  Sometimes we don’t realize that something we use everyday is just dirty.  We may think it is worn out, old and in need of replacement.  This video from our friends at Hotsy Carlson in Austin TX shows how cleaning something (in this case a metal roof) can clean […]

Winter Pressure Washing

  Protect your pressure washer: Frozen water in a pump expands. As we discussed in our previous blog, it’s important to store your pressure washer in a warm and dry place. This protects the fluid, lines, and fittings on your pressure washing machine. Prepare ahead so you don’t damage your pressure washer pump. Aim for […]

Black Friday Sales

It may be Black Friday, but we are seeing RED!  Stop in today to see the great deals on all this inventory!  It’s always a great day to save at Hotsy Minnesota!                               

Happy Thanksgiving from Hotsy Minnesota!

Thankfulness, gratitude, and gratefulness: three words to describe a characteristic, a personality trait, and a way of living. People who live with an attitude of gratitude are known to live longer, sleep better, and have increased productivity and happier lives. What are you thankful for today? At Hotsy Minnesota we are thankful for our loyal […]